1. Ramen Cookie

    Wow this actually sounds good! At least she's doing something more useful, and she can ACTUALLY sing.

  2. Definitely Shiny

    she sounds like someone but who is that person 🤔🤔

  3. Vysk IG

    0:18 27 clubbbbbb 🤣🤣🔥🔥

  4. Filo Filo

    Is it just me because I keep listening to this when it's over I love this song so much

  5. Ameesha Samaroo

    new fav🥰🤩🖤

  6. Trey Meismer

    Shit actually bussin

  7. XxabsolitexX X

    Call me wrong but I think nessa fucking killed it however was spoiled a bit when jxdn came in

    1. gioyu comi

      this makes me feel badass

  8. Gachatea


    1. gioyu comi

      Is it just me or i actually sho[

  9. Maasha Mujthaba


  10. Саша Блоссом

    Бооожжеее ,это лучшее

  11. Kathy Jansen

    Slaps real hard 👌♥️

  12. JD - 09ZZ 798413 Chinguacousy SS

    This is fire

  13. Jonathon Wilson

    This is really good

  14. Melānija Feldmane

    Nessa and Jayden shouldn't be called tikotkers they're superstars

  15. Jailah Brown

    not yall saying dixie is better at singing..omgggggg who invited these 10 year olds that actually think dixie can sing HAHAHAHHAHAH

  16. Fuck BigTech

    Why do kids these days think it’s cool to be depressed

    1. quietwhenimcominghome

      who said that

  17. Callie Corcoran


  18. Elisabeth Schulz

    dope track

  19. Zaynab M

    they're genuinely so talented

  20. Sofia Carrion

    i mean ship

  21. Sofia Carrion

    Is it just me or i actually sho[

  22. Victoria Rosas

    this makes me feel badass

  23. valentina barrera


  24. Charli Gutierrez

    Love itt

  25. Srihitha Pericharla

    Nessa is the only TikToker who sings, who is serious with her music career.

  26. valentina barrera


  27. Ryan Evans

    The nessa girl was good but that Jaden dude sucked

  28. Afrah Ali

    This is AMAZING ✨

  29. LilChallion Gaming

    so nobody noticed how she said shell die at 27? okay then lmao

  30. NF's fan

    so underrated !!

  31. Emma Weatherbee

    This is a banger. There voices are immaculate together. Absolute 🔥

  32. Weston coalition Organization

    You can sing just dont give up

  33. Music Vibes

    Imagine how many people are listening to this right now!

  34. Music Vibes

    Imagine how many people are listening to this right now!

  35. Yasmim Andrade

    the best music and the best singer’s



  37. kelly rondina

    This is incredible😲💖 im not a fan of rock but this one hits different

  38. Настя Ильина

    This clip is better than that of the Russians

  39. lauren n

    Still listening bc it's BEAUTIFUL ❤️

  40. Taylor Seitler

    Wow this is actually so good

  41. mira

    nessa and jaden the best duo ,

  42. alinax

    this one hit different

  43. Arai

    Слушаю песню и хочется сделать того

  44. Hannah King

    Okay ik jayden is with mads and i ship the 2 completely but jayden and nessa...idk i theyre actual goals

  45. Anecia Garcia

    @rebecca Robles who put you on the planet?

  46. Kyra B


  47. kara mckay

    This is incredible

  48. c r e s c e n t

    Im getting “No Time To Die” Vibes over here

  49. Teresa Baumüller

    music video 🔝 the song 🔝

  50. Flat Cookie

    k girl, we need an album now ....I'm waiting 😌🥱

    1. lauren n

      im waiting with u

  51. Carla Marquez


  52. Yoseline Garcia

    Most beautiful girlll...she is so talented I love it

  53. Leona Walters


  54. Lexie Smiles

    Needa and jaden would be cute sorry

  55. Siya Bhutani

    “She looks like Madison”, “she sounds like Tate” guys stop it she has an amazing voice stop comparing

  56. itslisa 335

    when people in TikTok joke in Nessa's voice and sees this / and Jaden voice literary made the song ugly

  57. XxAriRosexX

    I won't lie... The video is LEGIT GREAT!~

  58. Kamryn and Kylie

    Did anyone else hear her she said she will be dead at 27 only 5 more years to go I’m scared

    1. Kamryn and Kylie

      I mean she said 9 more years to go

  59. angeltylerr

    It's like I've known this song all my life

  60. xenist

    она великолепна.

  61. Maria Cravcenco

    God! I haven't heard such beautiful songs for a long time, I’m in love with sound, lyrics 😍🙏

  62. Amelia Neilson

    She is a Dixie wannabe totally

    1. quietwhenimcominghome

      hell nah

  63. Figaleia Kokavesi

    This fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. chloe's missing sanity

    nessa's voice is beautiful and comforting 💔

  65. julnar esam

    I came her to see if it’s I’m jaded or I’m jaden and it’s the only part they don’t writeeeee

  66. chloe's missing sanity

    their voices together blend so well omg

  67. Adèle Sauvageau

    Jaden’s scream🥺

  68. Gracy Smith

    There so talented

  69. Gracy Smith

    I can not stop listening to this song

  70. Seb?

    I think i speak for everyone when i say THIS WAS ABSOULUTLEY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

  71. Ava Kate


  72. Akayla Shephard

    I'm sorry I have to say this but shut Nessa and Jaden look like a really cute couple I'm sorry

  73. Soleils lifestyle

    Love it!

  74. Nikollyramos ramos da silva

    Admita não e a primeira e última vez que vc está Aki.🤡


    Love this woah you look gorgeous


    Ur so pretty queen I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️🦋🦋🦋😂


    Ur gorgeous bbg 🥺❤️